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This month we catch up with Sarah Clark, founder and editor of Little Spree. We talk holiday style, packing tips and essentially how to keep the kids entertained.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and Little Spree.

I am a freelance Fashion Stylist and Art Director, and founder and Editor of littlespree.com. Previously I was a Fashion Editor, and worked for glossy magazines including Glamour, Red, Marie Claire and The Telegraph’s Stella magazine.

I started Little Spree in 2010 as a blog dedicated to stylish, but ultimately, affordable clothes for babies and young children, and it has since evolved to now include womens’ fashion, interiors, books, gifts, and mens’ fashion. So what started out as a little childrenswear blog is now a successful fashion and lifestyle website.

What’s your approach to packing for the summer holidays? (weeks in advance or last minute, packing lists?).

Hmm, I’m a big list maker! I love a list. I find that making a list (or lists!!) is the only way to ensure you don’t forget something (usually crucial). I literally include things like ‘hairbrush’ and ‘toothbrush’!! But I don’t start the ridiculous list until a few days before I’m due to leave.


What’s your top packing tip?

Really try not to overpack, as hard as this is. I always, always pack too much (despite the fact that I am a seasoned traveller and regularly travel for work, and always have done, I am still a pretty rubbish packer), and invariably don’t wear half the things I have packed, which then just irritates me when I’m away.
Packing is largely dependent on the kind of holiday you’re going on – if there’s going to be a washing machine at the other end, that’s a total game-changer for me (particularly when you’re holidaying with babies or small children). I will then pack A LOT less.
I tend to wear the same clothes/kind of clothes on holiday every year; then just add a few new additions. Our Summer holidays are very low-key, so I tend to live in things like denim cut-offs and little dresses, sandals and flip-flops. I NEVER pack heels of any kind, or anything remotely dressy or glamorous (although I do always love a statement earring worn with a simple t-shirt). I do however, always pack an oversized cashmere jumper, as you just never know (and I like to be cosy, not chilly in the evening). Most of my ‘holiday wardrobe’ works together (colours. styles…), which is useful. I really don’t want to think too hard about what to wear each day – holidays should be relaxing, and a chance to totally ‘switch off’. And for me, that includes from fashion to a certain extent.

What must-pack items do you keep in your hand luggage?

Tasty, healthy (ish) snacks. I hate the plane food, and rarely eat it. I almost always do a ‘smash & grab’ at Pret at the airport, and stock up. A big bottle of water, and some magazines. Oh and cashmere socks and a cosy blanket/shawl for long-haul.


Best tip for entertaining kids on a plane?

Depending on their age – activity books of some description are always great. Buy them beforehand and keep them hidden, then give them out on the plane (if you can be bothered to wrap them, even better!). We also love Audio Books (particularly for long car journeys – Enid Blyton’s The Faraway Tree kept us going from Italy to London one year!!).


Describe your summer holiday style?

Easy and effortless. Oh, and comfortable. Nothing remotely tight or uncomfortable – urgh. Sandals with everything! Pretty, folky, hippie tops and blouses with denim cut-offs; cheesecloth shirts; tons of dresses (short or maxi); at least one fab, well fitting, flattering swimsuit (I don’t need tons, I just rinse mine every day – I would rather have one great one than five cheap ones), and a couple of my favourite basket bags (I never take a handbag on holiday). My favourite go-to holiday look is probably a white dress with tan flat sandals and a basket bag.

What three fashion essentials do you recommend taking on holiday for yourself and for your children?

For me: a great pair of denim cut-offs (I have a pair from Gap that I have had for YEARS and they’re still my favourites – the perfect fit and colour), an easy to chuck on dress (that can be worn to the beach or to dinner) and a basket bag.

For the kids: a pair of Saltwater sandals in tan – they go with everything, are super-comfortable, and they’re waterproof AND washable! They’re the best. Cotton sun hats (my favourites are always from Olivier Baby & Kids – I love that they are reversible, and have the ties so they stay put) and stylish swimwear, as they spend so much time in it).


What is your approach to dressing your children? Do you let your Tabitha or Marlow choose or do you decide what they will be wearing?

Now they are both eight, a bit of both, but they almost always dress themselves now. I choose the clothes I buy for them (I never take them shopping), but they choose what to wear on any given day, and what to put with what. I think they both have a pretty good eye actually!

Is there anything you buy for your children every summer season?

New swimwear, a pair of tan Saltwater (Surfer) sandals each, and new cotton t-shirts (Next do great ones).


What are your three favourite pieces from the Outside the Lines Spring Summer 18 collection?

So hard to choose just three actually! It’s all so gorgeous! But probably the Lila dress (SO pretty!!), the Lola shorts (I always struggle to find shorts for Tabitha that aren’t too boyish or too ‘mini adult’ – no batty-riders thank you!), and the Marnie embroidered playsuit, which Tabitha has (pretty and practical is always a winning combination in my book!).



Thanks for chatting with us Sarah. Head to Little Spree for more stylish and affordable clothing.

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